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Monday, 12 August 2013

Custom Facebook Page

Custom Facebook : Facebook has become one of today's most popular social networks. You can share your thoughts with comments and post on the wall, share photos and videos, chat, play interactive games, etc. It has completely changed the world of online social networks. And since almost everyone has their own accounts on Facebook, it has become so difficult to create a unique and eye-catching page. We know that we can custom Facebook page. But how do we create these pages interesting?

If you want to enhance and personalize your Facebook page, you should consider adding or creating "File" in your profile. This is one of the great inventions of the custom page on Facebook. These tabs can add functionality to your profile with interesting information and communication tools, such as photos, videos, games and other important links. This gives the vertical profile and extraordinary to stand out and impress other Facebook users. You can create and add your personal touch in the way you want to see.

Now, to create a custom Facebook page tabs, you must first download a special plug-in for Facebook called Facebook Markup Language or Static FBML. This application will add a box you can run the code in the HTML page to improve personalization. Then you must click on the button "Add to my page" below the application thumbnails.

Then, click "Add to page" the page you want to add a file, then you can go to your personal Facebook page and click "Edit Page". There you can click on "Applications".

Then you need to find Static FBML plug-in in the list of applications installed on your site. Click "Go to Application" found in the description of the application, you will be redirected to the edit page FBML.

We will take a special way with important information and data. You may have to name the tabs and fill part of the information or description you want on your page.

Now, if you have finished typing in the box, and you can click on "Save changes" to the first tab of the profile. You can repeat the process of creating the file if you wish, but do not overdo it with the file, so that the project will be kept as cool and as it is.

In addition, creating custom Facebook pages is easy, but what a professional quality page may be harder than we think. Although there are instructions and videos that you can be free, the design is still limited to the basics. Custom Facebook Page really need the skills that most of us do not understand coding.

Quick designers, Facebook are online offers customization of your page unique and exceptional. A page that contains everything you need, especially for those business online marketing. It offers excellent customization page SEO to create traffic and high ranking on the Web, good anchor text links, encode and transfer to your Facebook page. You can create yourself a unique logo to represent your site.

If you want to have a Facebook page look nervous tic that encourage visitors and potential "Like" and become a fan of the page, try to consider online designer. It can turn your page into an attractive and interactive graphics, to meet any business or niche.

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