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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Software Development Kits for Facebook Apps

Facebook will not issue, of course, all your data simply and to obtain non-public data for other tasks such as sending the wall post need your application by authenticating the user, or from him for a special law (see documentation below extended permissions)The authorization process is quite complicated and troubled by Facebook there is clearly traced and documented way. Give him therefore we will detail in one of the other parts.

Facebook App Development : Currently, we only need to know that successful authorization we obtain the access token, a string that connect to query the Graph API if you want to get data publicly unavailable.Extension of the API Software Development Kits (SDK) provided official facebook that we mentioned authorize and facilitate the work of the API, but their use is not necessary. Currently,

Facebook officially provides SDK for JavaScript, PHP, iOS and Android. The first two will be widely used later in the series in our examples.On the Internet, however, can be traced SDK for other languages ​​(e.g. Python).Now we have a basic idea of ​​how Facebook applications work and what tools they need to create.

Let's now create a Facebook developer account and register a first Facebook application, without having to embark development itself difficult.If you run the Facebook Developer application first, you will be asked to verify your account using your mobile phone.

Connect applications through Facebook

Fill in a name and linguistic variation application. Selected language will then be automatically applied to all dialogs, error messages, etc.You should now see all of the advanced options in the application. Many now skip and when you need to change anything, we will return to this screen later. For basic functionality you need to fill out an application App Namespace (applications will be available on

Canvas URL is the address on your application server (can be local host), in our case, we fill.Now navigate in the left menu on the "Advanced". In App Type should be activated by default option Web, we also activate the Sandbox mode - the application will then be available only to developers who choose.Read More

Migrations allow a completed section from Facebook.

Recent noteworthy sections Canvas Settings - Here we recommend keeping the default, i.e.760px width of the application (note that running tab has only 520px) and height automatically according to the height of content, the "Fluid"

Hello world and connect applications to PHP library

Now, if you type an address into your browser displays the contents of your Canvas URL. In the appropriate directory on your server, create an index php with a simple "echo" to verify that everything works as it should.

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