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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Developer Application

Facebook App Development Hello world application, let's start!

In the Developer application proceeds to create a new application.

If it finds this phrase, inappropriate lyrics, improperly used FB elements, just as deceiving - it depends sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

FB robot is particularly sensitive to the number of invitations sent, sent dialogues, invited friends...

f the competition may not use the LIKE button , someone might think, do your own LIKE button (and that's not too complicated). Unfortunately, even this is not the happiest idea.

Despite the Graph API can be sent (if you have it extended perm) status messages directly without the user's knowledge.

Facebook App Development : Once such a function you have to actually implement (user often just sucks), think about it. If the application will generate for each user to tens of status messages a day, also it is not OK.

Other articles dealing with the specific problems in developing Facebook applications can be found on our web -application facebook

 Questions and issues not directly addressed by this article, then we can solve the associated forum.

In other works we look in more detail to work with Graph API and the authorization application.

Application sets and create exactly as shown on the Advanced tab, do not forget to button up all Migrations Will make it easier to work in the future. 

Facebook Application Development

We will make you bespoke Facebook application technologies like Flash or Javascript / jQuery along with HTML5 and CSS.

Facebook in the United States uses about 3.5 million users. Using the Facebook application is able to reach an attractive form. We create applications with emphasis on the economic side of things, user impact is huge. To illustrate, here are some types of applications that we create:

Facebook contest for potential customers.

Facebook applications in the form of questionnaires receiving information on consumer behavior

Facebook games with embedded advertising messages.

Facebook application providing services such as discounts, SMS, creating business cards.

Facebook applications that users will share - a fun, catchy content
Facebook application for creating birthday wishes

Development Facebook application takes approximately from one week to three months in very large applications.

Basic applications are not expensive and can afford them, anyone who wants to use modern technology to promote your business. Facebook is primarily used to build and maintain relationships between people.

 According to recent trends, it is possible to define Facebook as a platform that is used to promote a product, service, company, institution, brand, and other items. With Facebook applications and Facebook advertising can precisely target the desired segment your customers.

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